Today we are living younger and younger and longer. Aging is inevitable, but we can act to slow its effects. To live better with the times, Ruth Niddam offers you the latest high-tech aesthetic technologies that are the most advanced and which are nowadays essential allies of beauty.

Ruth Niddam considers beauty as an art in which she participates daily with the help of technology and science. The objective is to create a perfect synergy between the inner and the outer beauty.

Accent Prime™ is a revolutionary new non-invasive device that combines Ultrasound and Radio Frequency to reshape the contours of the body at a record speed. The combination of the two technologies effectively eliminates localized fat, reduces cellulite while stimulating and strengthening collagen to quickly obtain visible, natural and lasting results from the first session.

The Accent Prime ™ is Alma Lasers’ most advanced platform for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic improvements. It uses the latest technological innovations in ultrasound and radiofrequency to provide effective and highly personalized treatments that provide natural and lasting results.

The Indications: Body Contouring

– Reduction of fat deposits.
– Cellulite attenuation.
– Firming of the skin.
All skin types and colors (photo types I to VI) can be treated without any risks.

It only targets fat cells, without damaging the surrounding tissues.

What are the treatment areas?

All areas of the face and body.

How does it work?

Ultrasound weakens the membrane of fat cells. It is possible to select either cold or hot mode or combine both modes for optimal results.
– Cold ultrasound selectively destroys fat cells. These which gradually degrade and finally release the stored fat.
– Hot ultrasound generates compression waves that reach a high level of cavitation, breaking down local fat deposits by increasing the temperature.

Once triglycerides are released into the bloodstream, unipolar radiofrequency accelerates their metabolism for rapid lymphatic drainage.

What can we expect from it?

The combinations of highly dosed Ultrasound, designed to permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells and Radiofrequency, which treats orange peel and cellulite, allows you to lift, smooth, tone and rejuvenate instantly, for a result in harmony with what you feel.

– The volume of fat cells decreases, thus stimulating lymphatic drainage
– visibly smoothing the skin texture.
– Reduction of cellulite,
– Reduction in the circumference of the treated areas,
-Firmer skin, Toner, Smoothes, Lifts and rejuvenates.

Face and body reshaping

Accent Prime™ uses the power and effectiveness of focused ultrasound and radiofrequency to remove excess fat and relaxed skin, improving the shape of the face and body.

The synergy between ultrasound and radiofrequency gives better results than each technology used alone. They offer natural and long-lasting results.

How many sessions are there?

From 4 to 6 sessions

Prices and rates

From 300€ for the face and 500€ for the body. Click here to know our detailed rates. For a personalized quotation, we invite you to contact us for first appointment offered.

Body Reshaping, Skin Tightening: Treat skin sagging, wrinkles and cellulite in a non-invasive way. These illnesses affect no less than 80% of women and men!

The latest generation of Radiofrequency devices, ACCENT XL is tripling its performance by combining combined bipolar-unipolar-unified broad-uniform frequencies. More powerful, more ergonomic, ACCENT XL is equipped with hand-pieces adapted to each part of the body, and thus promises a more effective result on the face and body.

What are the treatment areas?

All parts of the body. Face, neck, abdomen, love handle, saddlebags, thighs, legs and especially an area difficult to treat in surgery, the flaps of the arms.

How does it work?

Radio frequency is a emission of short waves that generate heat by penetrating into tissues.

It acts:

  1. On wrinkles: By shrinking collagen fibres, heat causes an immediately visible tightening of the skin. Then, it triggers a cascade of processes leading to the production of new collagen fibres.
  2. On cellulite: By selectively heating fat cells (adipocytes) in the deep and superficial layers of the skin, it accelerates the rate of release of liquids from the adipocytes and consequently reduces fat deposits. The fatty acids released in this way are used as an energy source instead of glucose, or are eliminated by circulation.

What can we expect from it?

Immediate firming and rejuvenation of the skin, right from the first session. In one word: STRETCH THE SKIN.

How many sessions are there?

The protocol is 3 to 6 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart for the face and neck, and 3 weeks for the body.

Prices and rates

From 200€ for the face and 360€ for the body. Click here to know our detailed rates. For a personalized quote, we invite you to contact us in order to benefit from a first consultation offered.

A selective ultrasonic lipolysis and body contouring device, the Accent Ultra is a workstation equipped with “ultrasound” and “radiofrequency” generators used in high-tech aesthetics for silhouette and facial treatments. This device, which combines two different technologies, has been designed to treat cellulite, reshape the silhouette, reduce body fat and smooth the skin.

The Accent Ultra offers an ideal action of Ultrasound targeting triglycerides and an optimized action of Radio Frequency on skin tension restoration. And it is from this combination that the real lasting centimetre reductions you dream of that do not want invasive procedures and do not want to suffer any social eviction.

The first real alternative to surgical procedures that do not require recovery or recovery time and have no side effects:

– The Ultra module targets fat and uses Alma Lasers’ unique and non-invasive selective ultrasonic technology for this purpose. The Ultra treatment aims to reshape the body by effectively removing excess fat in areas where there are deposits.
– The Uniform module directly addresses cellulite through the combination of Alma Lasers’ unipolar radio frequency technology and mechanical drainage technology.

What are the treatment areas?

All parts of the body. Face, neck, abdomen, love handle, saddlebags, thighs, calves and especially an area impossible to treat in surgery, the flaps of the arms.

How does it work?

– The Ultra module combines two advanced ultrasound technologies:
Cold mode: this wavelength targets fat cells.
Hot mode: this wavelength targets the thermal process.

– The Uniform module combines radiofrequency technology with mechanical lymphatic drainage technology for non-invasive cellulite treatment and skin smoothing.

Combining these two modules in the same session optimally damages fat cells, while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue intact.

What can we expected from it?

For the face: Regain a positive air, restore the face’s true character, erase negative expressions and signs of fatigue, restore lost volumes and restore firmness and density to the skin.

For the body: smoother, more toned and firm skin.

 How many sessions are there?

4 to 6 sessions are necessary, spaced 2 weeks apart for the face and neck, and 3 weeks for the body.

Prices and rates

From 200€ for the face and 360€ for the body. Click here to know our detailed rates. For a personalized quotation, we invite you to contact us in order to benefit from a first offered consultation.

UltraShape®V3 is the latest clinically proven, non-invasive alternative for reducing localized fat deposits and reducing body circumference.

The size of the treatment area determines the duration of the session, which can range from one to one and a half hours.

The treatment does not require anesthesia. The complete treatment is guided by advanced tracking technology that ensures consistent and regular remodeling.

What are the treatment areas?

Lower or upper abdomen, complete abdomen; Love handle, inner thighs, saddlebags, knees (depending on the case), banana under buttock.

How does it work?

An intelligent technology based on two technological innovations:

Selective ultrasound that eliminates fat
The Ultrashape technique allows the application of therapeutic Ultrasound focused on the subcutaneous fat layer. Focused waves allow a predetermined amount of energy to be concentrated on the targeted fat cells, without affecting neighbouring tissues such as nerves and blood vessels, without thermal heating and without risk of burning.

A 3D tracking and guidance system
Precision and security are enhanced by an optical tracking and guidance system that ensures accurate processing. Using a single camera, the processing area is captured by the computer system. State-of-the-art b software is used to plot the processing area in 3D. The system then determines in real time, the fat nodes that must be treated and that no diet can eliminate. The tracking system ensures that each zone is only processed once. This ensures optimal efficiency thanks to the homogeneity of the treatment.

What can we expect from it?

– Effective, safe and painless treatment, Results measured from the first session, A significant decrease in the volume of the treated area. Significant volume loss but not necessarily weight loss (measurable decrease in circumference and fat mass).
– An average reduction of 2 cm in circumference after a single treatment.
– The body is getting thinner
– The results are apparent within 28 days after the 1st session.
– Unsightly bulges are erased. Greasy layers are permanently removed.
– The majority of patients experienced no pain.

How many sessions are there?

For an optimal result: 3 sessions are necessary at one month intervals to obtain a satisfactory result in the treated area.

Prices and rates

800€ per session per zone – Package of 3 sessions 2000€

For a personalized quotation, we invite you to contact us in order to benefit from a first Offered consultation.

Combating skin sagging, loss of radiance, fine lines, dilated pores and unsightly pimples is possible with Yperion’s innovative Serenity LED technique, which maintains and restores your skin’s health.

A “LED” (Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic componant generating a specific electromagnetic wave (one type of photon) when stimulated by an electic current.

If the emitted wavelength is in the visible spectrum (between 400nm and 800 nm) the emission will be visible to the naked eye: Blue, Yellow, Red or Green depending on the wavelength.

If the emitted wavelength is not in the visible spectrum, the beam will not be visible. This is the case with the IR (Infrared).

A “LED” produces a low energy and athermic electromagnetic emission without heat generation.

Photothermal Effects of a “LED”

When the light waves emitted by the “LED” penetrate the skin, they are absorbed by the chromophores (Water, Haemoglobin, Melanin…to name a few) which instantly convert the photons energy into heat.

The heat beneficially stimulates a number of the skin elements. It also helps get rid of certain viruses and bacterium.


This is the real sought-after effect of the “LED” technology:

When applied at certain intensity and flashing at a certain frequency, the light waves penetrating the skin are absorbed by the chromophores of the cells and mitochondrions membranes.

Photo-stimulation is directly linked to the selected wavelength, the delivery intensity and flashing frequency of the light waves.

A wrong selection of only one of the above parameters will result in inadequate treatment results.

How does it work?

Designed around the performance of LED technology (Light Emitted by diode-electroluminescent light), the treatments significantly reduce the signs of aging, significantly improve the texture and tone of the skin while providing a real sense of well-being.

– Infrared light:it stimulates blood circulation by widening the vessels. It promotes irrigation and dilates the pores of the skin, which is then able to receive a deep treatment in which creams and cosmetics are absorbed intensively.

Red light:It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and improves texture and tone, lifts wrinkles and fine lines, reduces redness and improves skin tolerance.

– Blue light:antiseptic, astringent, it clears imperfections, reduces the acne activity, purifies pimples by destroying the germs that cause them, and promotes the healing of acne lesions. In addition to all these properties, it has relaxing effects.

The combination of both lights and infrared light enhances the penetration of cosmetics.


– Of your care: Our LED solution allows an optimal adjustment to the customer’s expectations and the particularities of his skin through the diversity and relevance of the 7 care programs he offers.
– Of your well-being: the LED device is also equipped with an audio output and offers 5 types of music, to choose from, according to your desires…


Results are measurable from the first session and sustainable after 5 to 8 sessions. Clinical studies attest to the efficiency of the process.

Prices and rates

30min session 80€ – Package of 6 sessions + 1 free 480€
Package 10 sessions 600€

Until now, the only technique to restore wrinkles has been to inject hyaluronic acid with needles. Today, the unique principle of the JET PEEL SYSTEM® allows the active ingredients to penetrate without needles or injections.

With no side effects and totally painless, this 100% natural revitalization technique allows the skin to be treated in depth and surface and to correct skin imperfections on the face, neck and décolleté.

In a few sessions, the skin is rehydrated, smoothed and regains its natural radiance.

The Barophoresis

The supersonic jet will generate a high-pressureux at the point of contact with the skin, creating the opening of micro-channels in the epidermis.

The pressure difference between the surface and the lower tissues will cause deep penetration and transdermal diffusion of biological substances.

The pressure relief will close the micro-channels and maintain the active ingredients permanently in the tissues, for long-term physiological effects.

Using a patented handpiece, the JET PEEL SYSTEM® unit will propel a mixture of air and saline solution at a supersonic speed (>200 m/s) in the form of a jet of microscopic droplets, without any contact with the skin.

Initially, this supersonic jet will exfoliate the upper layers of the skin and eliminate inaccessible particles.

Then, in a second step, the high speed projection will generate a local static pressure on the skin, allowing the penetration of the active ingredient up to several millimeters.

This process, called “Barophoresis” is the result of pressure variation. It guarantees needle-free access to the deep layers of the skin and facilitates the supply of nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, which can reach connective tissue, or vitamins A, B, C and E important for the proper functioning of cells.

Rehydrated, smooth, radiant and deeply revitalized skin, wrinkles faded.

Amazing results are also obtained on stretch marks, scars and pigment spots.

The skin is deeply cleansed, hydrated and exfoliated simultaneously. Non-invasive enhancement of the dermis with active ingredients.

Prices and rates

Click here to know our detailed rates.

Our high-tech machines

The Ruth Niddam Institute is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure you the most complete and effective treatments as possible.

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