Accent Ultra™

The Accent Ultra™ is a selective ultrasound lipolysis and body reshaping device, equiped with “ultrasound” and “radiofrequency” generators used in “high-tech” aesthetic treatments for the body and face. This device, which combines two different technologies, has been designed to treat cellulite, reshape the body, reduce fat mass and smooth the skin.

The Accent Ultra™ Revitalize Your Beauty: Accent Ultra™ – Ultrasound & Radiofrequency for Cellulite Treatment, Body Reshaping, and Skin Smoothing offers an ideal action of Ultrasound targeting triglycerides and an optimized action of Radiofrequency on skin tightening. It is from this combination that result the real and lasting centimetric reductions you dream of, without invasive procedures and without the need for social eviction.

The first true alternative to surgical procedures with no recovery time or side effects:
The Ultra module targets fat and uses Alma Lasers’ selective and non-invasive ultrasound technology. The Ultra treatment aims to reshape the body by effectively removing excess fat in areas where deposits are present.
The Uniform module directly treats cellulite by combining Alma Lasers’ unipolar radiofrequency technology and mechanical drainage technology.

What are the treatment areas?

All parts of the body: face, neck, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves and especially an area that is impossible to treat surgically, the flapi of the arms.

How does it work?

The Ultra module combines two advanced ultrasound technologies:
Cold mode: this wavelength targets fat cells.
Hot mode: this wavelength targets the thermal process.

The Uniform module combines radiofrequency technology with mechanical lymphatic drainage technology for non-invasive cellulite treatment and skin smoothing.
The combination of these two modules in one session optimally damages fat cells, while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue intact.

What can we expect?

For the face:

Regain a positive air, restore the true character of the face, erase negative expressions and signs of fatigue, restore lost volumes and give the skin back its firmness and density.

For the body:

smoother, toned and firmer skin.

How many sessions are needed?

4 to 6 sessions are necessary, spaced 2 weeks apart for the face and neck, and 3 weeks for the body.


From 200€ for the face and 360€ for the body. Click here to see our detailed rates.

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