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With more than 20 years of experience in the aesthetic medical field in Paris, I offer a universe of holistic & confidential “high-end” and tailor-made treatments.
I pay homage to nature and its most precious resource, the body, the meridians and the acupuncture points.

Fluidity, ease, “walking on the skin” gives rhythm to face and body treatments to meet aspirations, create harmony with oneself to age well with one’s age.

To prolong the experience, I am launching my cosmetic range online RUTH NIDDAM PARIS particular and unique image of my protocols and treatments to “stay beautiful at any age”.
My RUTH NIDDAM concept is to share the values that are dear to me: a requirement in the selection of care, in the quality of cosmetic products “more natural, healthy, eco-responsible and sustainable but also for her & him” with a know-how excellence and attentive service.

More than a simple E-shop, I want to offer here the luxury of a unique experience whose key word could be “GLOWING FOR EVER” is my vocation…

Pleased to welcome you

the center
Ruth Niddam Paris

Located throw from the Champs Elysées, the Ruth Niddam Paris centre combines the latest technologies, including a specialisation in body remodelling treatments and non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for the face and body. Naturally stimulating collagen production, awakening energy, helping the skin to regenerate itself, to defend itself against sagging and to have radiance, this is at the heart of our work and our passion.


The efficiency
of our care

Fast and practical, our technologies sculpt your body without constraint and without organization.

It is at the heart of our work and our passion. The Ruth Niddam Paris center offers its expertise to men and women who are looking for beautification, not a transformation.


Ruth Niddam, founder of the eponymous body contouring and anti-aging aesthetic center, has created three lines of cosmetic products, “Green” “Nude” and “Gold”. Ruth Niddam Paris products are richly dosed and highly concentrated to energize cells.

Creating her own skincare line is a way to concretely express her vision of beauty and well-being by combining cutting-edge technologies with creams, precise and original gestures, common sense, and pleasure. A woman or a man, whatever his age, has the right to have perfect skin without surgery, without needles or injections.

Ruth Niddam has incorporated pure 24k gold into her skin care protocols to tone and revitalize even the most damaged skin. In the form of pure 24k gold flakes, this bio-compatible material is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The microscopic gold molecules work their way into the skin’s cells and reduce oxidative stress, blemishes and wrinkles. Gold is also an excellent immune system booster as it stimulates cell metabolism and acts as a bulwark against bacteria.


All of our products have a list of ingredients on the packaging. If you are at risk of allergies, be sure to check the list of ingredients before using your product for the first time.


• Consultation classique
• Ne présente aucun des inconvénients liés
aux actes chirurgicaux
• Pas d’injection de produits


• Pas d’anesthésie
• Pas de bistouri
• Pas de sensation de gêne
pendant le traitement
• Traitement indolore :
seulement une sensation possible de chauffe


• Pas d’immobilisation
• Pas de période de récupération
• Pas de sensation de fatigue
• Pas d’effet indésirable
• Pas de dommage sur la peau
• Pas d’œdème
• Pas d’ecchymose
• Pas de sensations d’inconfort
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