The gold skin care Ruth Niddam Paris

Gold has always been a must in beauty and body care.

Legend has it that Cleopatra covered her face with a gold mask every night to keep her skin looking young…

Femme en train de faire un massage avec la moitié de son visage couverte par le masque

RUTH NIDDAM facials combine the unique properties of Gold with products that contain active plant-based ingredients and the latest in high-tech technology to ensure that patients experience firm, smooth and radiant skin at any age.

The vision of RUTH NIDDAM

“Women and men of all ages have the right to have perfect skin without surgery, needles or injections.

This is the approach of RUTH NIDDAM, which has integrated pure 24k gold into its care protocols to tone and revitalize the most damaged skin.

The more gold is concentrated in the treatment, the more beneficial it is for the skin.

In the form of pure 24k gold flakes, gold is organic material suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

The microscopic gold molecules seep into the skin cells and reduce oxidative stress, spots and wrinkles.

Gold is also an excellent booster for the immune system as it stimulates cell metabolism and acts against bacteria.

My treatments are adapted and personalized to each person without ready-made formulas!

Here is an example of a treatment protocol:

Pure Gold 24 k Protocol

Step 1 

We remove the make-up from the skin.

Step 2 

The skin is cleansed using JET Peel™ technology, a cell renovator is applied without rinsing the skin, and or a peel as appropriate.

Step 3 

We apply to the face and/or neck Serum “Lift”, an exclusive custom preparation with my laboratory. 

This 100% organic Serum combines pure 24-carat gold, it penetrates the tissues immediately and produces an immediate lifting effect, intensifies and firms the skin.It improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

It contains 24k GOLD nuggets, grape seed oil, fatty acids, Citronella oil, Rosemary oil, Burdock oil, lavender oil. It moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

On the prepared skin, a session of Accent Prime is performed, a non-invasive device based on ultrasound and radiofrequency that allows a good penetration of the active ingredients in 

Depth, mainly relaunch,  to boost the natural collagen production so the skin is radiant, rejuvenated, firmer and smoother. 

Step 4 

Massage the skin with “Excellence Lifting Cream” combined with Ruth Niddam- Paris perfection serums.

The cream and the serum have a regenerative power in anti-aging treatments, activating collagen synthesis visibly improving the structure of the skin and reducing wrinkles.

Ingredients:  Enriched with shea butter, sweet almond oil Hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamin E, Gingkgo Biloba, Collagen, AloeVera, chitosan, vitamin C, Evening primosa …

Step 5 

The 24K gold mask is applied. Use one large sheet for each cheek, two small sheets for the forehead and chin, two large sheets for the neck and two small sheets for the eye area.

Then leave it on for ten minutes and massage the skin in circular motions until the gold dissolves.

Step 6 

Apply a moisturizer from the RUTH NIDDAM – PARIS range, such as “VIVALTO” or ABSOLUE 24 k“, appropriate to the client’s skin type + a non-sticky or greasy sun protection that ensures total protection.

Illustration des soins Or

Benefits of Gold for Skin Care:

 1. Wrinkles, fine lines, spots can be reduced 

2. Stimulates skin cells 

3. Fight against premature aging of the skin 

4. Gold to brighten the skin tone

5. The deterioration of collagen is slowed down 

6. Sun damage can be treated 

7. Acne can be treated

8. Inflammation can be treated 

9. Skin elasticity can be increased 

10. A radiant glow


The protocol as detailed above   faces and neck  – 550€. 

Classic treatment – face and neck, Jet cleaning + 24k gold mask – 350€.

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