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I believe in a holistic approach to beauty, one that radiates from within when the head, body and mind are in perfect harmony.

Thanks to 18 years of experience as a medical beautician and my know-how in the use of new technologies, I have acquired a vision that combines creativity and efficiency. Passionate about aesthetics, I never cease to stand out for the singularity of my approach, which aims to combine state-of-the-art techniques with precise and original gestures.

Through my website, you will be able to discover all that I can bring to you by putting all my knowledge and expertise at the service of your well-being.

The good news is, there are really solutions!

Let me restore your skin to the original vitality of its youth.

My motto “Build on my experience!

Ruth Niddam


Today, anti-aging aesthetics must be accessible to the greatest number of people because taking care of yourself at any age is fundamental. Well-being, health and beauty are closely linked.

The external appearance is above all a reflection of a healthy lifestyle and it is important to age well while maintaining your appearance and personality.

“True beauty is the harmony between being and appearing.”

About the Body

Tone and reshape your body. More and more men and women are looking for solutions to improve their shape,their appearancebut without the social eviction and complications associated with surgery. […]

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The Face

67% of women feel a gap between who they are and what their image reflects to them. When age is read on the face, the skin and muscles lose their firmness and begin to relax under the influence of gravity. […]

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The Hair

Hair loss is due to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) production and heredity in both women and men. This hormone depresses hair growth and allows hair loss to take place. […]

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Depilation process

Confidence in permanent hair removal: Did you know that? A woman shaves her legs an average of 11,500 times over her lifetime and spends an average of €10,000 on shaving products. […]

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La collection RUTH NIDDAM PARIS®

The RUTH NIDDAM PARIS® collection has been designed around a central concept: the uniqueness of each skin and the combination of high-tech face and body care.

The synergy between the cosmetics collection and the treatments with the high-tech technologies we offer will multiply their action and thus increase their effects more than tenfold. The results are visible from the first application.

This range is based on innovative active ingredients to fight against the signs of aging and imperfections


I am very, very happy to have experienced this practice of Modeling, and the work of RUTH NIDDAM My face, my body are once again sculpted, tightened, and made rejuvenated.... The atmosphere is warm, the exchanges and discussions calm and pleasant, the sessions are relaxing! A delightful treat...

Agnes Silvestre

Ruth is an exquisite and adorable woman and her care is terribly effective. The results are amazing. She knows how to adapt to the needs and expectations of each person, which means tailor-made! When you leave her centre, you feel beautiful and relaxed. Thank you Ruth!


Excellent welcoming. A magnificent cure. Unexpected results for a non-invasive treatment.

Nicole P.

I follow several protocols with Ruth. I started with rosacea, the results of which have been transformative. I didn't have the same face anymore! Ruth has the talent to pamper you, you feel good with her, confident. Its treatments and products are simply gorgeous! Thank you Ruth

Céline A.

I have a deep gratitude to Ruth Niddam, excellent professional, who knew exactly, seeing the state of my skin combine different methods, session after session, for a really surprising final result that improves even after the end of the treatment ! What know-how!

Odile K

Congratulations to Ruth who knew how to combine different techniques with her advanced machines to be able to transform me! The oval of my face that used to make one with the top of my neck reappeared, giving me a thin face and a neck degreased! My skin regained tone, it's amazing!


Thanks to you, Ruth, growing old does not scare me anymore! How lucky am I to have met you! Thank you for all your personal efforts and for this beautiful skin that I owe you.

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