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Until now, the only way to plump up wrinkles was to inject hyaluronic acid with needles. Today, the unique principle of the JET PEEL SYSTEM® allows the active ingredients to penetrate without needles or injections.

With no side effects and totally painless, this 100% natural revitalisation technique treats the skin on the surface and in depth and corrects skin imperfections on the face, neck and décolleté.

In a few sessions, the skin is rehydrated, smoothed and regains its natural radiance.


The supersonic jet will generate a flux under high pressure at the point of contact with the skin creating the opening of micro-channels in the epidermis.

The pressure difference between the surface and the lower tissues, will cause deep penetration and transdermal diffusion of biological substances.

The relief of pressure closes the micro-channels and keeps the active ingredients in the tissue for a long time, for long-term physiological effects.

With the help of a patented handpiece, the JET PEEL SYSTEM® unit propels a mixture of air and saline solution at supersonic speed (>200 m/s) in the form of a jet of microscopic droplets without any contact with the skin.

In a first step, this supersonic jet will exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin and eliminate inaccessible particles.

Then, in a second step, the high speed projection will generate a local static pressure on the skin, allowing the penetration of the active ingredient up to several millimeters.

This process, called “Barophoresis” is the result of the pressure variation. It guarantees needle-free access to the deep layers of the skin and facilitates the delivery of nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, which can reach the connective tissue, or vitamins A, B, C and E, which are important for the proper functioning of cells.

Rehydrated, smooth, radiant and deeply revitalised skin, fading wrinkles.

Amazing results are also obtained on stretch marks, scars and pigment spots.

The skin is deeply cleansed, moisturised and exfoliated at the same time. Non-invasive enrichment of the dermis with active ingredients.

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