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Ruth Niddam Paris gives you her beauty tips for women and men!

This week Ruth Niddam explains how to set up a daily beauty routine for normal to mixed skin in order to take care of your skin and protect it from environmental aggressions. Beauty routines are not exclusive to women, more and more men like to take care of themselves and that’s why the diverse range of Ruth Niddam Paris cosmetic products is totally adapted to both genders. Taking care of the skin on your face, neck and neckline should be a natural gesture that allows you to treat your skin well on a daily basis and simply to take some time for yourself and experience a wellness that is both relaxing and regenerating.

What are the essential beauty steps for a routine that really works?

To answer this question, Ruth Niddam has prepared a guide for your daily beauty routine consisting of 4 day and night cosmetic products that can be used by women and men. Cosmetic products in this routine for normal to mixed skin (link shop) are :
  • Pachmina: a gentle exfoliator for a pure and radiant epidermis
  • Miracle : a micro-serum for the eye contour
  • Excellence : an anti-aging cream for the face and neck to refine the skin’s texture and regenerate it
  • Vivalto: an ultra-concentrated anti-aging serum designed to nourish the skin.

Step 1: Cleansing the skin with Pachmina

This is the most important step in any skincare routine. We often think, wrongly, that cleansing is only useful for make-up removal, but our skin is subjected to aggressions all day long and it is the only protective barrier against our environment (UV, pollution, stress). In the evening, it is essential to cleanse the skin in order to remove all impurities and dead skin before applying any anti-aging cosmetic product. The Pachmina scrub with diamond powder and apricot kernel powder combines high performance and high tolerance to enhance the radiance and natural purity of the complexion. Under the effect of massage, the texture of the Pachmina gentle exfoliator is transformed into a nourishing mask that infuses the skin. This cosmetic treatment offers an exfoliation that is as delicate as it is effective even for the most sensitive skin. From the very first application, the skin texture is spectacularly smoothed and refined, and the skin and complexion are instantly brightened.
How many times a week should you exfoliate your skin?  With this routine for normal to combination skin, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin up to three times a week.

Step 2: The eye contour, an area to be treated with care and differently from other areas such as the face, neck or neckline.

For this sensitive and fragile area that is the eye contour, it is necessary to use a really adapted cosmetic care because the skin is very thin. Wrinkles, bags or dark circles can easily and permanently set in if you don’t take care of them. This is what usually dulls the face and gives a bad look to women and men alike. To take care of this very thin skin that requires special attention, avoid using the same moisturizer as for the rest of the face. It would be too heavy for this fine and delicate area. Ruth Niddam Paris has developed a cosmetic treatment called Miracle, the benefits of daily use are to treat the specific problems of the eye contour. Miracle eye care is a new micro-serum, rich in bio-peptides. This serum helps recharge the skin with micronutrients essential to the energy of the eye area. It targets wrinkles, and fights against loss of firmness, dark circles, and puffiness. It’s fresh and melting texture penetrates quickly. The smoothing effect is instantaneous for a guaranteed healthy glow!
You can also use our Elixir anti-oxidant serum for more in-depth action if necessary. Gold combined with 3 molecules of Bio peptides for an action perfectly adapted to this area, promotes lymphatic circulation, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The Eye Drainage Complex stimulates the microcirculation of the eye contour area to visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles.

3rd step: Hydration of the skin.

Moisturizing the epidermis helps to fight against a dull complexion, to protect it from external aggressions such as pollution, cold, or wind and helps to avoid skin dryness by limiting the water loss that the skin naturally undergoes. This step is carried out in two phases.

A special feature for men who want to take care of their skin!

For men, the best time to apply an anti-aging skin care product is right after shaving. Although the razor blade removes the hair first, it also removes the dead skin on the skin’s surface. As a result, the skin is ready to receive the active ingredients of the cosmetic or anti-aging cream, which will penetrate deeply and more easily.
Take time for yourself and your skin every day by applying this routine
Allow 15 to 20 minutes.
You will then enjoy a moment cut off from the world, relaxing and beneficial for your skin!
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For the creation of her cosmetic product lines, Ruth Niddam was inspired by her own beauty and anti-ageing rituals. The most natural care possible, simple gestures and visible results without surgery. Ruth is the epitome of this.
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