The Body

Aging is a combination of changes in the body: volume, skin texture and tone.

Over time, is my body always in harmony with what I feel?

TODAY THERE ARE REAL SOLUTIONS. To regain radiant air, eliminate localized curves and cellulite without surgery, it’s perfectly possible through the various technologies:

Radio frequency, the latest generation of focused ultrasound….

It is important before any protocol is put in place to determine the motivations and reasons that are intrinsic to your desire for change. Ruth Niddam will assist you in a personalized aesthetic approach from the first appointment for a check-up in order to propose the most appropriate protocol. The first consultation is offered.

Possible areas to be treated
  • Stomach & abdomen
  • Back or love handles
  • Chest
  • Thighs or saddle bags
  • Buttocks
  • Banana under the buttocks
What can be expected from the treatment ?

Each case is unique and incomparable. It is a question of determining together which solution is best suited to each person so that he/she can shape his/her body. Following a precise analysis of the needs and depending on the type of fat/cellulite to be treated (adipose, aqueous, fibrous), we propose the most appropriate treatment process.


Definition of cellulite

Cellulite is a superficial lipodystrophy (lipo = fat and dystrophy = growth disorder) most often located in the thighs, buttocks, stomach and hips. It is a medical term for an accumulation of fat under the skin.
Small balls of fat called “pads” are formed under the skin. Fat cells result from an edematous infiltration caused by poor water drainage and toxins due to compression of the lymphatic vessels.

The various types of cellulite and the causes

Cellulite can be aqueous, adipose or fibrous.
Aqueous cellulite is mainly due to a problem of blood microcirculation with sometimes the presence of water retention or local edema.
Adipose cellulite is mainly located on the hips and saddlebags. This type of cellulite is mainly due to an excess of fat in the diet and a lack of exercise (sedentary life).
Fibrous cellulite, painful to the touch, is due to the hardening of the collagen fibers that surround the adipocytes.

The cellulite probably is:

– The cause of hereditary, hormonal (estrogen action) and vascular factors.
– A problem that can be aggravated by lack of exercise (sedentary life), stress, unhealthy nutrition, premature aging of the skin, liver disease and pathologies associated with water retention.

Our solution

Once you have identified your cellulite, you are ready to eliminate it. To your weapons? Radio frequency, focused ultrasound or the combination of the 2 technologies, which are nowadays recognized as being the most efficient.
For those in a rush… At the same time, massages with a glove of fear in the shower or manual massages to help lymphatic drainage, sports and of course a nutrition balanced diet.

Number of sessions

With the new technologies implemented, results are visible from the first session. However, we recommend a complete protocol of 6 sessions in order to achieve the expected results.

The techniques involved

Radio frequency

Radiofrequency has been used for more than 10 years in aesthetic medicine. It helps to tighten sagging skin while slowing down skin aging. It is mainly used on the face (to correct the loss of the oval of the face in particular) but also on the neck or body (arms, inner thighs, stomach…).


This fairly recent treatment is intended to fight against the sagging of the skin of the face and body. It uses high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU.  It is a very safe, approved medical technique whose efficiency is recognized throughout the world.


LED photomodulation, also called LED therapy or LED biophotomodulation, is a cold light that rehydrates and tones the skin in depth, repairing skin damaged by the sun, laser, peels. It can treat large areas: face, neck, scalp, hand and even the entire body.


Orange peel, sagging skin, hair loss… This local injection technique can treat many ailments. It consists in injecting one or more products as close as possible to the problem to be treated, thus ensuring greater efficiency.


It is a smooth and effective treatment. It provides an immediate enhancement of the skin’s appearance, texture and shine, reducing spots and fine lines. A handpiece sends a jet of air and water (microdroplets) at high pressure that drains and exfoliates the skin. Depending on the indication to be treated, different natural active ingredients are then infused.


Signature care

At the heart of the philosophy of body contouring care, RUTH NIDDAM reinterprets the most effective high-tech techniques and combines them for the first time with gentle gestures that act on the curves of a woman’s body. These techniques allow the massage to act directly where the body requires it, to boost its vitality and to provide a state of serenity essential to the well-being and development of beauty.

By combining technical massage, the exclusive products of the Ruth Niddam Paris lines and Signature Treatments offer the ultimate answer to your needs for efficiency and sensorial well-being. The adjusted pressure of an expert hand, the pleasure of a reassuring universe, the delicacy of a beneficial drink are combined with a musical design that accompanies the natural biorhythm to bring deep relaxation and visible results from the first session.

A holistic approach where all the senses are awaken.


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The testimonials

I am very, very happy to have experienced this practice of Modeling, and the work of RUTH NIDDAM My face, my body are once again sculpted, tightened, and made rejuvenated.... The atmosphere is warm, the exchanges and discussions calm and pleasant, the sessions are relaxing! A delightful treat...

Agnes Silvestre

Ruth is an exquisite and adorable woman and her care is terribly effective. The results are amazing. She knows how to adapt to the needs and expectations of each person, which means tailor-made! When you leave her centre, you feel beautiful and relaxed. Thank you Ruth!


Excellent welcoming. A magnificent cure. Unexpected results for a non-invasive treatment.

Nicole P.

I have a deep gratitude to Ruth Niddam, excellent professional, who knew exactly, seeing the state of my skin combine different methods, session after session, for a really surprising final result that improves even after the end of the treatment ! What know-how!

Odile K

Congratulations to Ruth who knew how to combine different techniques with her advanced machines to be able to transform me! The oval of my face that used to make one with the top of my neck reappeared, giving me a thin face and a neck degreased! My skin regained tone, it's amazing!


Thanks to you, Ruth, growing old does not scare me anymore! How lucky am I to have met you! Thank you for all your personal efforts and for this beautiful skin that I owe you.

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