Ruth Niddam Beauty Center Paris : HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS

Our eco-responsible products, made in France, are suitable for both men and women, for day and night use.

about the ruth niddam beauty center Paris

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées, the Ruth Niddam Paris center brings together the most advanced technologies, specializing in body contouring and non-invasive anti-aging treatments for face and body. Naturally stimulating collagen production, awakening energy, helping the skin to self-regenerate, defending itself against sagging and radiance. With over 20 years’ experience in the medical aesthetic field in Paris, I offer a world of holistic, confidential, “high-end”, made-to-measure treatments. I pay homage to nature and its most precious resource, the body, its meridians and acupuncture points. With fluidity and ease, “walking on the skin” sets the pace for face and body treatments to meet your aspirations, creating a harmony with yourself that allows you to age well with your age. To extend the experience, I’m launching my own unique online cosmetics range, RUTH NIDDAM PARIS, in the image of my protocols and treatments for “staying beautiful at any age”. My RUTH NIDDAM concept is to share the values that are dear to me: high standards in the selection of skincare products, in the quality of cosmetics “+ natural + healthy + eco-responsible + sustainable but also for her & him” with excellent know-how and attentive service. More than just an E-shop, I want to offer you the luxury of a unique experience, the keyword of which could be “GLOWING FOR EVER”… I look forward to welcoming you…
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