The three generations of the Accent Prime machines

The three generations of the Accent Prime machines

ALMA is one of the world’s leading innovators of light, radiofrequency, plasma and ultrasound technologies for the non-invasive aesthetic markets.

Over the years, ALMA has consistently evolved these technologies to allow practitioners to offer safe and effective treatments to their patients and to benefit from clinically proven state-of-the-art treatments.

Thanks to my experience in using these three generations of Accent PRIME machines , for more than 15 years, I have been able to observe over the years the good results obtained with my clients who, satisfied with my care, have remained loyal to me.

For all these reasons, I have switched to the latest generation of Accent PRIME machines.

I will tell you about the three generations of Accent PRIME machines and the evolution of the technology for your well-being and … “ageing well with your age”.


ACCENT XL is triply effective since it combines bipolar-unipolar-uniform frequencies. More powerful, more ergonomic.

ACCENT XL is equipped with handpieces adapted to each part of the body, which makes it possible to obtain a more effective and more targeted result on the face and body.

How does it work?

Radio frequency is a short wave emission that generates heat by penetrating the tissues.

On wrinkles: By shrinking the collagen fibres, the heat causes an immediate visible firming of the skin. Then, it triggers a cascade of processes leading to the production of new collagen fibres. On cellulite: By selectively heating the fat cells (adipocytes) in the deep and superficial layers of the skin, it accelerates the rate of release of liquids from the adipocytes and consequently reduces fatty deposits. The fatty acids released in this way are used as a source of energy instead of glucose, or are eliminated via the circulation.

What can we expect?

Immediate firming and rejuvenation of the skin from the very first session. In one word: STRETCH THE SKIN.

The exclusivity of ACCENT XL

ACCENT XL is a variable penetration depth allowing simultaneous heating of the superficial, medium and deep layers of the skin, resulting in immediate skin firming, but also a progressive reduction of deep cellulite and sub-dermal fat.

Treatment areas

All parts of the body. Face, neck, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves and especially an area that cannot be treated surgically, the flapi of the arms.


Selective ultrasound lipolysis and body remodelling device: The Accent Ultra is a workstation equipped with “ultrasound” and “radiofrequency” generators used in “high-tech” aesthetics for figure and facial treatments. This device, which combines two different technologies, has been designed to treat cellulite, reshape the figure, reduce fat mass and smooth the skin.

The Accent Ultra offers an ideal action of Ultrasound targeting triglycerides and an optimised action of Radiofrequency on skin tightening. And, it is from this combination that the real and lasting centimetric reductions your patients who do not want invasive procedures and do not want to be socially excluded, are achieved.

The first true alternative to surgical procedures with no recovery time or side effects:

The Ultra module targets fat using Alma Lasers’ unique, non-invasive, selective ultrasound technology. The Ultra treatment aims to reshape the body by effectively removing excess fat in areas where deposits are present.

The Uniform module directly addresses cellulite through the combination of Alma Lasers’ unipolar radiofrequency technology and mechanical drainage technology.

  • UltraFace – Body contouring (small areas)
  • UltraBody – Body contouring (large areas)
  • UniFace – Body contouring, cellulite treatment (small areas)
  • UniForm – Body contouring, cellulite treatment (large areas) – RF and mechanical massage


Accent Prime™ is a revolutionary new non-invasive device that combines Ultrasound and Radiofrequency to reshape the figure at record speed.

The combination of the two technologies effectively removes localised fat, reduces cellulite while stimulating and strengthening collagen to quickly achieve visible, natural and long-lasting results from the first session.

The Accent Prime ™ is Alma Lasers’ most advanced platform for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancements. It uses the latest innovations in ultrasound and radiofrequency technology to deliver effective and highly personalised treatments that offer natural and long-lasting results

How the third generation Accent Prime™ works

Ultrasound weakens the membrane of fat cells. IT is possible to select cold or hot mode or a combination of both modes for optimal results.

  • Cold ultrasound selectively destroys the fat cells, which gradually degrade and eventually release the stored fat.
  •  Hot ultrasound generates compression waves that reach a high level of cavitation, breaking down local fat deposits through increased temperature.

Once the triglycerides are released into the bloodstream, unipolar radiofrequency accelerates their metabolism for rapid lymphatic drainage.

What can we expect?

The combination of highly dosed Ultrasound, designed to permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells, and Radiofrequency which treats orange peel skin, cellulite lift, smoothes, tones and rejuvenates instantly, for a result in harmony with how you feel.

  • The volume of fat cells decreases stimulating lymphatic drainage – visibly smoothing the skin’s texture.
  • Reduction of cellulite, – Reduction of the circumference of the treated areas, – Firmer, toned, smoother and younger looking skin.
  • Remodelling of the face and body

Accent Prime™ uses the power and effectiveness of focused ultrasound and radiofrequency to remove excess fat and loose skin, improving the shape of the face and body.

The synergy between ultrasound and radiofrequency gives superior results to each technology used alone. Thus offering natural and long lasting results.

What are the treatment areas?

All areas of the face and body.

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