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What 's a facialist?

A facialist is an expert in facials, usually with some aesthetic training. Becoming a facialist is not an easy task and often requires extensive knowledge in facial massage methods. The techniques used include massage, precision movements, hand flexibility, pinching, smoothing and drainage. They are considered cutting edge and were developed almost 500 years ago. With twenty-five years of experience in the world of aesthetics, skin treatment and anti-aging, Ruth Niddam offers several solutions for personalized care for any skin problem using different technologies such as: radiofrequency and ultrasound, microneedling, peels, Kobido massage, jet peel…
Une esthéticienne pratique le JetPeel pour sa cliente.

What are the expertises of a facialist?

The profession of facialist is becoming more and more popular, even if there is currently no legal definition of the profession, that’s why it is important to choose her according to her experience and positive reviews from her clients. A beauty expert facialist begins by evaluating your skin to determine the care required for your needs. She adapts her techniques and sets up a protocol according to the unique needs of each face and skin. Her diagnosis takes into account the client’s skin, muscles, facial expressions, eating habits and skincare routine. This assessment serves as the basis for advice and recommendations. Beyond the treatments, the most crucial notion is the relationship between the facialist and her clients; complicity, trust and respect.

What are the different facial massage techniques?

The expertise of a good facialist goes far beyond simply using serums and masks. Facialists can offer a variety of facials. Facial massage is the number one trend of the moment: In order for it to be effective, you need to take the right steps step by step. First of all, clean the skin! A facial massage is performed on a perfectly clean and makeup-free skin. For it to be pleasant, it is essential to apply a few drops of a suitable oil, preferably a Green product (Vivalto oil from the Ruth Niddam Paris range has moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties that are particularly effective for performing a facial massage).

Here are some examples of facials that a facialist can provide :

– The different techniques 1. The first step before starting the facial massage is to perform a lymphatic drainage. This stimulation of the lymph nodes allows a good blood circulation and avoids the swelling of the face. Lymph has a “self-cleaning” effect, eliminating 75% of the impurities accumulated on the face. 2. Several manual techniques are possible: kneading, palpating, rolling, pinching, muscle stretching – mixed or not with a machine.
● Anti-aging care: Aging is a combination of physical changes: volume, texture and tone of the skin. To regain a radiant look, eliminate localized fatty deposits without surgery, there are different types of techniques, such as radiofrequency or focused ultrasound. You can book your anti-aging treatment at the Ruth Niddam Center in Paris
● Face and neck care: The aim here is not to transform the face but to erase negative expressions, signs of fatigue and aging. You can book your peeling treatment at the Ruth Niddam Paris Center
Visage d'une femme en train de recevoir un traitement de Microneedling par une esthéticienne.
● Microneedling: This is a non-invasive treatment that effectively treats skin aging, acne scars, enlarged pores and firms the skin, delaying the effects of aging.It stimulates each layer of the skin and improves its quality. You can book your microneedling treatment at the Ruth Niddam Center Paris
● Hair removal and photorejuvenation: the new generation of pulsed light offers safe and effective pulsed light hair removal treatments on all skin and hair types. A few sessions are needed to permanently remove your hair, revealing your soft skin. You can book your photolifting treatment at the Ruth Niddam Paris Center
It is important to note that facials vary from one facialist to another and may also vary depending on the skin condition and needs of the client. The Ruth Niddam Paris Center will provide you with the most appropriate protocol from the very first appointment.
Visage d'une femme en train de se masser, moitié de l'image claire et moitié en pénombre.

What types of massages does a facialist perform?

As of 2018, Facialists can use the term “massage” previously reserved for physical therapists. A facialist can perform several types of facial massages, such as:
Mains expertes appliquant un massage à une jeune femme
● Deep tissue massage: it helps to decongest tissues and promote blood and lymphatic circulation. You can book your hydra-skin massage at the Ruth Niddam Paris Center
● Anti-aging massage: aims to firm and tone the skin, as well as reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. You can book your jet peel massage at the Ruth Niddam Paris Center
● Kobido massage: This massage consists of the use of various techniques such as smoothing, kneading, bandaging and other meridian stimulation. This treatment varies between pressure, modeling and stretching the skin for an immediate natural lifting effect. You can book your kobido massage at the Ruth Niddam Center in Paris
Visage d'une femme massant en appliquant la méthode de massage Kobido.

Focus on the Kobido anti-aging massage:

Kobido, which means “Ancient Voice of Beauty”, is a massage method of Asian origin introduced in Japan in the 14th century at the request of the empress who was looking for a special treatment. This practice was popularized by geishas and combines the relaxing benefits of massage with dermopuncture, a technique that involves pressing the face to coordinate the body’s energy. Kobido is also influenced by other traditional massage and facial techniques, such as Indian Ayurvedic massage and French facials. It is characterized by slow, precise movements using the fingers and palm of the hand to improve blood and lymph circulation, tone the skin and reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Today, kobido is practiced in many beauty salons and spas around the world and is considered an effective facial and relaxation technique.
The Kobido treatment usually begins with the use of an exfoliator to cleanse and purify the skin. The second step is a draining and relaxing facial massage. Kobido is characterized by slow, precise movements using the fingers and palm of the hand. The facialist can then press on acupuncture areas to target energy points and treat them deeply. Kobido massage improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and fights the signs of aging. It also has relaxing and soothing effects to reduce stress and tension caused by the external environment. The skin is regenerated, oxygenated and the complexion is fresh and even. Kobido is often used in conjunction with other facial techniques, such as the application of masks or cosmetics, and can be tailored to the needs and expectations of each individual. As with any facial massage, it is important to ensure that it is performed by a qualified and experienced professional. Ruth Niddam specializes in Kobido massage and offers a 1.5 hour customized treatment. You can book your 1st consultation

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Mains expertes appliquant un massage à une jeune femme

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