Long-lasting beauty, thanks to our cosmetic formulas at the cutting edge of research and excellence.
Our products and all their packaging are environmentally friendly.

Classique Range

The “Classic” range is composed of 5 products containing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba, holly or vitamin C.

Green Range


A short and efficient range, certified Green and natural, formulated in duo with our laboratory to create a synergy between the active ingredients, as for our Gold and Classic ranges.
A collection of precious and vegetable oils, a selection of natural ingredients and Green active ingredients in glass bottles that can be recycled ad infinitum, without water or preservatives.

Gold Range

The “Gold” range is composed of 3 products and contains 24-carat pure gold. This precious metal with its strong antioxidant power allows to preserve its beauty capital, while correcting imperfections and other signs of time.

Ruth Niddam’s vision

Ruth Niddam, founder of the eponymous body contouring and anti-aging aesthetic center, has created two ranges of “Classic” and “Gold” cosmetic products. Ruth Niddam Paris products are richly dosed and highly concentrated in order to energize the cells.

Creating your skincare line is a way of bringing your vision of beauty and well-being into concrete form by combining cutting-edge technologies with creams, precise and original gestures, common sense and pleasure.

« A woman or a man, regardless of their age, has the right to have perfect skin without surgery, needles or injections ».

This is the approach of Ruth Niddam who has integrated pure 24k Gold in her treatment protocols to tone and revitalize the most damaged skin. In the form of real 24k pure gold flakes, this bio-compatible material is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The microscopic gold molecules squeeze into the cells of the epidermis and reduce oxidative stress, spots and wrinkles. Gold is also a great immune system booster because it stimulates cell metabolism and acts as a bulwark against bacteria.

The list of ingredients appears on the packaging of all our products. If you are at risk of allergy, take care to systematically check the list of ingredients before using your product for the first time.

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