LED Serenity Skin Treatment – Anti-Ageing Care

Fighting sagging skin, lack of radiance, fine lines, enlarged pores and unsightly pimples is possible thanks to the innovative LED Serenity technique by Yperion, which maintains and restores the health of your skin.

An “LED” or Light Emitting Diode, commonly referred to as “LED” is an electronic component that emits a specific electromagnetic wave (a type of photon) when stimulated by an electric current. If the wavelength of the emitted light is in the visible spectrum (i.e. between 400 and 800 nanometres) it will be visible to the naked eye (blue, yellow or green depending on the wavelength). If the wavelength of the light emitted between 400 and 800 nanometres is in or beyond this range, the ray will be invisible. This is particularly the case for IR (Infrared).

An “LED” generates a low-energy electromagnetic emission, without producing heat.

Photothermal effects of an LED

When the light waves emitted by an LED penetrate the skin, they are absorbed by the chromophores (water, haemoglobin, melanin, etc.) which instantly transform the photon energy into heat.

The heat positively affects a number of skin components and can also destroy certain viruses and bacteria.


Adequate photo-stimulation is the essential and most desired effect of LED treatments and is fundamental to effective treatment. When the device is controlled by an ad hoc programme, allowing the “LEDs” to emit their flashes of light with a precise intensity and an appropriate frequency, the waves penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the chromophores of the cells and the mitochondrial membranes. The photo-modulating effect is directly related to the selected wavelength, intensity and frequency of the flashes emitted by the “LEDs”.

How does it work?

Designed around the performance of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, the treatments significantly reduce the signs of ageing, significantly improve the texture and tone of the skin while providing a real feeling of well-being.

  • Infrared radiation: it stimulates blood circulation by widening the vessels. It promotes irrigation and dilates the pores of the skin, which is then ready to receive a deep treatment in which creams and cosmetic products are absorbed intensively.
  • Red light: It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and improves texture and tone, lifts wrinkles and fine lines, reduces redness and improves skin tolerance.
  • Blue light: antiseptic, astringent, it clears up blemishes, reduces acne activity, purifies pimples by destroying the germs that cause them, and promotes the healing of acne lesions. In addition to all these properties, it has relaxing effects.

The combination of the two lights and the infrared radiation favours an excellent penetration of the cosmetics.


  • Of your treatment: Our LED solution allows an optimal adjustment to the customer’s expectations and to the particularities of his skin by the diversity and the relevance of the 7 treatment programs it proposes.
  • Your well-being: the LED device is also equipped with an audio output and offers 5 types of music, to choose from, according to your desires…

Protocol – the results are measurable from the first session and last after 5 to 8 sessions.

Clinical studies attest to the effectiveness of the process.


30min session 80€ – Package of 6 sessions + 1 offered 480€ – Package of 10 sessions 600€.

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