Kobido massage ! - The anti-aging technique

Kobido massage !

A 100% natural, effective and accessible anti-ageing massage.

The Kobido massage: its background

Kobido massage is an ancestral Japanese massage. The origin of “ko” (ancient) “bi” (beauty) “do” (way) means “ancient way of beauty”, born in 1472, kobido is a combination of massage techniques that will smooth the features and boost the blood circulation of the face. This massage allows a natural lifting of the face. This massage consists of the use of different techniques: smoothing, kneading, bandaging, and other meridian stimulation. This treatment varies between pressure, modeling and stretching of the skin for an immediate lifting effect.
Kobido is very complex, based on many techniques, which are divided into 48 categories, in each of which there are several variations depending on the part of the face to which they are applied. They are performed with very little oil or cream, to keep the tight contact with the tissues. Depending on the intensity and speed at which the gestures are performed, the action on the facial structures is more or less profound, the aim of the session being to provoke a real “lifting” effect of the face. You get up from the massage table with the sensation of very firm skin, as if “injected”, and muscles that are very present! In all cases, Kobido is addressed to tired and aged faces. It is not useful before the age of 30.

How does a session at the Ruth Niddam Institute Paris at 18 rue Marbeuf in Paris work?

The session lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. During the first consultation, Ruth Niddam establishes a personalized assessment of the state of your skin, your general condition, your desires and your expectations. By placing her eyes and hands on your face, Ruth Niddam is able to judge the nature of your skin: loss of hydration, dry skin, devitalized skin, etc… All these indications allow her to know how to start her massage with the key and appropriate gestures of Kobido massage.
The first step consists, on a perfectly cleansed skin, in performing smoothing and draining movements essentially with the fingertips just slightly moistened with the Vivalto serum oil from the Ruth Niddam Paris Green Cosmetics range. Then Ruth Niddam moves on to work on the neckline and the nape of the neck. Finally, her hands will progressively move up the whole face in this order: the oval, the cheeks, the temples, the forehead, the mouth, and the eyes last separately as these are the most delicate parts, one side and then the other. For each step, the two hands are separated: one diagnoses the sequence and feels how the skin, muscles, and tissues react, while the other performs tapping, vibration, and smoothing. Ruth Niddam finishes the session by smoothing the skin with a Gua-Sha.

The five main benefits of Kobido massage are :

  • Effective natural anti-wrinkle and anti-aging facial massage.
  • It regenerates and detoxifies facial tissues.
  • It oxygenates the skin and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
  •  Promotes relaxation of the whole body and your nervous system.
  •  Reveals radiance; healthy, naturally plump facial skin

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For the creation of her cosmetic product lines, Ruth Niddam was inspired by her own beauty and anti-ageing rituals. The most natural care possible, simple gestures and visible results without surgery. Ruth is the epitome of this.
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