JET PEEL – JET D’O™ system - an effective solution for hair loss

Jet Peel hair for women and men

What is the Jet Peel hair care?

The JetPeel system empowers nourishing and repairing treatment straight to the source, in the layers of the scalp skin.

JetPeel is a needleless injection for hair regrowth. This revolutionary delivery system allows you to receive treatment without the discomfort of needles. Additionally, it provides for better coverage of affected areas from hair loss. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing luxurious hair in those spots that are currently bare. With JetPeel treatment, you can have your hair back again without the discomfort of needle injections.

The technique used

The JET D’O™ system provides an effective solution to combat hair loss thanks to a botanical and mineral composition that will cancel out the overactivity of DHT and allow hair to become firmly anchored, thick and resistant again.

It takes an average of three months to deeply rebalance the vital functions of the hair and neutralize the negative factors that disrupt them.

Although men are the first to be affected by hair loss, women are also affected.In men, hair loss has a genetic or hormonal cause.  It is often chronic and progressive. In women, it is generally caused by childbirth, fatigue or a change of season.




From the fourth session onwards, hair loss is stopped and then, progressively, regrowth appears with toned, dense and shiny hair.

A mini jet of water, propelled at supersonic speed, rids the scalp of everything that clogs its pores: excess sebum, dead cells, impurities due to pollution. It then deposits a cocktail of vitamins and active plant ingredients with antioxidant properties – green clover and pomegranate – right to the hair roots, which cancels out the overactivity of DHT. From the fourth session, the decrease is stopped and then, gradually, a regrowth appears with toned, dense, and shiny hair.

Number of sessions required

They can vary according to the needs of each individual.

On average, 10 sessions are required, with one session per week.

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