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The Hair

In men, hair loss, caused by genetics or hormones, is often chronic and progressive. For women, it is generally the result of childbirth, severe fatigue or a change of season.

84%* of French people report losing their hair. Hair and skin are subject to the same aging factors. That’s why we offer you the exclusive OXY JET™ – JET D’O™. The aim is to adapt a regenerative needle-free Mesotherapy protocol to the scalp, initially designed for the epidermis.

*IFOP survey, December 2014

What can be expected from the treatment?

As long as the dermal papilla of the hair follicle is in “good health”, it stimulates the multiplication of the cells of the matrix and the hair is firmly anchored, dense and resistant. However, this dermal papilla can become weakened under the influence of four factors: enzymatic overactivity, local inflammation of the follicle, stiffening of the bulb and decreased blood microcirculation.

Enzymatic overactivity is the leading cause of hair loss. This phenomenon is specifically masculine. Depending on their genetic heritage, each man is more or less predisposed to lose their hair. It is the overactivity of alpha-reductase 5 that is responsible for this phenomenon. This enzyme converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which weakens the cells of the dermal cell.

From the fourth session, the decrease is stopped and then, gradually, a regrowth appears with toned, dense and shiny hair.

Number of sessions

To obtain consolidated results, a protocol of 10 treatments at one week intervals is required:

The first 6 – once a week
The next 4 – once every 2 weeks

The techniques used

The JET PEEL SYSTEM® – JET D’O technology also acts to treat, limit and prevent hair loss without surgery.

The JET D’O™ system provides you with a solution to prevent hair loss by providing a botanical and mineral composition that will cancel the overactivity of DHT and allow you to regain a hair that is firmly anchored, thick and resistant.

It takes 3 months to deeply rebalance the vital functions of a hair and neutralize the negative factors that disturb them.

A super-sonic jet of water cleanses the scalp of everything that clogs its pores: excess sebum, dead cells, and impurities caused by pollution. Then, it deposits up to the root of the hair a cocktail of vitamins and plant active ingredients with antioxidant virtues-green clover and pomegranate that will cancel the overactivity of DHT..

Rates and prices

The session is at 150€.

One session is offered for the purchase of a 10-session package.

After the first protocol, a maintenance session is scheduled once a month. Depending on the results, the sessions will gradually be spaced out.

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