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67% of women feel a gap between who they are and what their image reflects to them.

When age is revealed on the face, the skin and muscles lose their firmness and begin to relax under the influence of gravity. Gradually, the skin collapses in the neck and around the jaw. The furrows become more pronounced, dark circles and bitterness folds appear. The layer of fat decreases and gives the face an ageing appearance. The quality of the skin will thus deteriorate, dehydrate and lose its elasticity.

SOLUTIONS EXIST – This is not a question of transforming the face but of erasing negative expressions, signs of tiredness and aging.

The result is a real morale boosting effect

The areas that can be treated

– Eyes
– Oval of the face
– Neck
– Face in its entirety

What can we expect from the treatment?

The protocols are adapted to each need and to the uniqueness of each individual:

The first concern is to correct expressions that are located mainly on the central part of our face; naso-labial folds, bitterness folds and fine lines around the mouth.
The second is to slow down the stigmas of time.

Number of Sessions

Protocol of 3 to 6 sessions per zone.

The techniques involved

Today there are many technologies that we use alone or in combination: Radio frequency, Cold or hot ultrasound, Jet Peel System, LED…

The techniques we use restore the face’s true natural character to restore a positive look, fill in wrinkles and restore firmness and density to the skin, preserving the wrinkles or fine lines that make up our personality and erasing those that distort our expressions.

Signature Care

Much more than traditional facial treatments, RUTH NIDDAM treatments are exceptional moments for oneself that reconcile body and mind. Each treatment is a timeless experience, an energetic rebirth to give a new skin.

RUTH NIDDAM treatments are generously provided by the designer who takes the time to understand your needs and desires during an in-depth conversation. It thus creates a tailor-made protocol where all its expertise can be found.

Prices and rates

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Before / After

The testimonials

I am very, very happy to have experienced this practice of Modeling, and the work of RUTH NIDDAM My face, my body are once again sculpted, tightened, and made rejuvenated.... The atmosphere is warm, the exchanges and discussions calm and pleasant, the sessions are relaxing! A delightful treat...

Agnes Silvestre

Ruth is an exquisite and adorable woman and her care is terribly effective. The results are amazing. She knows how to adapt to the needs and expectations of each person, which means tailor-made! When you leave her centre, you feel beautiful and relaxed. Thank you Ruth!


Excellent welcoming. A magnificent cure. Unexpected results for a non-invasive treatment.

Nicole P.

I follow several protocols with Ruth. I started with rosacea, the results of which have been transformative. I didn't have the same face anymore! Ruth has the talent to pamper you, you feel good with her, confident. Its treatments and products are simply gorgeous! Thank you Ruth

Céline A.

I have a deep gratitude to Ruth Niddam, excellent professional, who knew exactly, seeing the state of my skin combine different methods, session after session, for a really surprising final result that improves even after the end of the treatment ! What know-how!

Odile K

Congratulations to Ruth who knew how to combine different techniques with her advanced machines to be able to transform me! The oval of my face that used to make one with the top of my neck reappeared, giving me a thin face and a neck degreased! My skin regained tone, it's amazing!


Thanks to you, Ruth, growing old does not scare me anymore! How lucky am I to have met you! Thank you for all your personal efforts and for this beautiful skin that I owe you.

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